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Standard Membership (1 year) - $35.00
Alumni Membership, for those whose youngest child is in kindergarten or above (1 year) - $10.00

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Please choose one (or more) playgroups that correspond to your child(s) ages.

Adult Interest Groups

One of the great benefits of the LHAECPTA is that we have many adult interest groups for you to become involved in. Please indicate the groups you would be interested in joining and the group coordinator will contact you with meeting dates and times. For group descriptions, click here.

Children's Activities

Our Children’s Activities Committees have lined up a great schedule of parties and activities for your preschoolers this year, but these events can’t happen without volunteers. Please select which of the following events you are willing to help with.


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Pay By Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa)

Communication will be via email and Facebook. Each month you will receive a digital newsletter which will contain current information about the LHAECPTA's activities for children and adults. Additionally, if you opted into an age-based playgroup above, you will receive an e-mail from your playgroup coordinator with weekly activities. You can also join us on Facebook by searching on Lake Highlands Area Early Childhood PTA.

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